Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Meal

You know those nights when the kids are complaining because we are having salad AGAIN.  Then they don't eat the salad and you sit through the whole mean listening to whining?  It's exhausting and I can't say I like it one little bit.  So last Sunday night after a long weekend all I wanted was BBQ meat and a salad, but do I want it bad enough to sit through the boys complaining?  So I tried version of a 'Happy Meal'.....Monster Salads

Guess what?  There was no complaining, just silence and their plates were empty in minutes.  It was brilliant!!  So this Sunday after another full weekend we tried again.  I honestly didn't think it would work again, that perhaps last Sunday was one of those one hit wonders.  So I thought I had better step things up and make a bigger, better monster salad.  Throw in some home made ice tea, eat outside on the deck and happy, happy days!

So now the only time I have little monsters at the table is the other 6 nights a week!  I have to admit, they are cute monsters though. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Our 10 day vacation adventure with Kevin's parents David and Gail, as well as our 14 year old nephew Daniel was amazing.  The following photos are courtesy of Dave and Daniel - thanks guys!  I unbelievable managed to leave our camera at home.  Our vacation started with a party in Vernon with family friends.  We then travelled up to Sushwap Lake to visit Gail's cousin Melrose and Bill.  They  were exceptional hosts.  We had fantastic meals, great hospitality and a memorable day on the lake.

Next we went up to Revelstoke for a couple of nights and then to New Denver for 3 nights.  We relaxed, we explored, we ate, we hiked, we biked and we swam.  Sam took off his training wheels (again) with much gusto and Harry made it up the Galena Trail without complaining once!  Kevin celebrated his birthday reminiscing about all the birthdays he celebrated on holidays as a young kid.  I got some knitting done and a few books read and generally enjoyed the suns rays on my skin.  We had great company and great times.  Happy days.