Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday fun

I had a pretty relaxed birthday this year. However, this was the scene on Saturday afternoon amidst some celebrations - talk about special!

Our dear friends were here visiting from Vancouver which made it even more special. I don't believe that I have ever seen a full, perfect rainbow before and I was mad I couldn't get it all in the shot. This is the best I could do!!

As Sam and I have only a few days between our birthdays we decided to have the family dinner for his birthday. Sam loves his family, especially his beautiful cousins. He had a blast and is asking if it is still his birthday some 4 or 5 days later!!

And look how big our littlest niece is getting! The beautiful Iris......
Kevin has a new love. Not that Buddy could ever lose out to this little yapper, but Bill certainly holds a dear place in Kevin's heart. Totally amusing for all of us that know Kevin well (he is soooo not a little dog kind guy!!)

Fun at home

Sometimes when I get busy and distracted with all this house stuff, the boys get lost in their imagination and I still marvel at the things they come up with. I love every stage that the kids go through but Sam is at a particularly fun one. He is learning to play on his own and learning how to play with other kids. What are you children doing right now?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

House update

Welcome to the boys new bedroom! All sheeted, painted and with a door!!! Yippeeeee...it is very exciting. All the walls are now sheeted and mudded and ready for painting.

This is the laundry....

The doors to the bathroom...

The office, lounge and kitchen are already painted and lights are connected and up!

Still no kitchen cabinets yet though. Waiting on the counter top still. However something very exciting arrived yesterday.....

The flooring!!!!!!!!!! Now it has to sit for a week or two to acclimatise. Doesn't it look beautiful?

And amongst all this excitement we took the kids to see 'How to Train a Dragon', and coloured eggs for Easter. I searched all through my cupboard and the grocery store but could only come up with green and blue food colouring. My lovely S.I.L suggested we try some natural alternatives and boiled some beets and carrots. They didn't work as well on the eggs as we had hoped but I bet they would be awesome on fabric. Happy Easter to you all.