Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We had a lovely time in Kelowna last weekend.  Kevin was there for more schooling and we were there to pick up Mama June!!!!  It was very exciting to pick up my Mum but we had a whole day in Kelowna before she arrived.  Being in a small town, I find going back to the 'city' difficult.....the crowds, the traffic, the energy.  We tried to do a little shopping but it only made all 3 of us miserable.  So we found an amazing local park near the hotel and spent hours there. 

We even found a little friend who decided to come on a hike with us!!

It was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon and the next day was very exciting, but more on that later!

Friday, October 22, 2010

More hockey

Harry and Abby (Harry's cousin) got to play against each other on Sunday for the first time.  Harry was very excited that he found Abby on the ice, twice even!

Sam also started his hockey on Sunday afternoon.  It is called Hotshots.  Basically an introduction to hockey for the little guys.  Sam was super excited.  He woke up Saturday morning jumping around saying "yeah, it's my hockey day today mummy".  Let's just say it didn't end well when I told him he had to wait 1 more sleep!  Sunday morning came though and he sleepily walked out to Kevin and asked "Daddy, is it my hockey day today?"  "I can't wait to get on the ice".  So off he went in his red Calgary Flames shirt, like an eager little beaver.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another beautiful day.....

I feel so lucky to be able to go riding, especially at this time of year and in the amazing weather we have been having.  I hope the weather is being kind to you, where ever you may be.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Box organisation

I got the idea for these nifty little boxes from this lovely blog.  I needed something for downstairs for all our winter mitts, hats and scarves.  I really don't like having plastic bins for everything and I also don't like the price!  I made these 6 boxes for under $10.  The photos don't really do them justice but I am really happy with how they turned out.  Pretty and functional, (not quite as 'multi-tasking' as your cushions though Cath!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Thanks Giving ride

There really is something special about riding through the trees, on a gentle, beautiful horse and staring at the amazing surrounding.  I was so lucky this weekend to ride Pickles on a 2 hour ride through Oasis.  It was stunning and I was oh so thankful.

I have been riding on and off for the past couple of years with Pickles and while I have always gotten a lot out of it, I have never been able to let go of my fear of galloping.  I was thrown a few times growing up on the farm and I think I equated 'running' with being thrown and losing control.  I guess as I aged, the fear grew stronger until it was choking me.  Every time I went for a ride I would be scared to let the horse go and trust her.  I have been working on a few things lately and I was amazed to see it transfer, to how I am with Pickles.  I finally got over my fear of galloping and boy, what a thrill!!!  The wind on my face and the giggles that bubbled up out of my core was fantastic.  I was on a high for hours after and I am so looking forward to our next ride.  Thanks Pickles!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harry's 1st hockey game

So my favourite number is 18 and it is also my birthdate.  When I first met Kevin he wore number 18 on his hockey jersey and of course I assumed it was fate!  Harry came out of the dressing room last week with his first hockey jersey and guess what number he got?!?!?!?!  Yup, lucky number 18. 

He has been doing really well at the practices and did great in his first game on Saturday.  He is trying really hard and I am sure will catch up to the other kids in no time.  So for your benefit Auntie B, I found out some more 'hockey' information (I had to ask 'cause I didn't know either!!!)  Harry is playing in Senior Novice, which is 7-8 year olds.  Most of the kids started in Junior Novice (which Sam will start in next winter) so he is little behind in skating ability and the general understanding of the game.  However he is pretty into it and trying really hard.  There is no hitting or 'checking' until they are older - I think around 11-12 years.  They play in lines with 5 people to a line.  Each line plays for a couple of minutes or so and then a new line comes out.  They rotate or choose where they are going to play - no set positions yet except for the goalies. Boys and girls play togetehr.  That is all I know for now!!  Will keep you updated as the year goes on.  

Wow look at him go out front chasing the puck!!

Hanging out at the net. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello dear friends.  I seem to be having trouble making regular posts!  Sorry about that.  I think of it often.   If only there was a little me that could take my thoughts for the day and plug them into the computer for me!!   We have been busy welcoming in the cooler Fall weather, Harry started hockey, I started working, harvesting and processing fruit from the yard and continuing with renovations.  Kevin and I have been challenging each other to find frugal and fun ways to renovate and/or improve the house.  Will keep you posted on how that is going!! I thought I would include some pictures of what has been happening in our world lately......a little titbit for now if you will.

Quiet moments checking out their favorite books

Reading with Nana (Sam is tired here - can you tell!?)

Our new pocket doors for the office and into the hall.  Kevin put them in for under $50 and I LOVE them.  I am able to lock the dogs out of the kitchen and living area now and it is making a huge difference.  When I am at work the house stays clean, well at least until the kids get home that is!

My lovely little helpers cleaning the glass

Kev and I all 80's upped for Derek's surprise 40th party.  It was really fun and Bianca I thought of you and all the daggy 80's music we love.  Good times.  (Hay, we never did have that 'bad taste' party - will have to put that on the list next time we are home!!!)

Where I spent a good part of the weekend, pulling nails and staples from the walls and floors. 

The stunning view from our deck.  I love Fall.  I love the colours and the cool air.  I love the crisp, clean days.  I hope the weather is treating you all as kindly as it is here right now and I do hope that the rain stops soon in Brisvegas!  (Who would have thought a year ago that I would be saying that!!  From drought to flooding - it is Australia after all!!!)