Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time to move

Today is the day we start moving! Of course things haven't quite gone to plan but I am really excited about 'moving' forward. We are one our way to our new house via a rental for awhile. Moving twice in 6 months may sound crazy to some but I am trying to keep it all in perspective. At least I have a house to keep warm for the winter, and we own a house that we will move into in the next 6 months. Some people are not so lucky. I read on someones facebook comment the other day, "If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's,We would grab ours back!" I am grateful for the things in our life right now and I look forward to what is to come. (Please remind me of this tomorrow when I am pulling my hair out packing and unpacking boxes!!!)
So I will be distracted with moving for the next few days but I am so excited to return to writing here real soon. In all the chaos I have been working on a few projects and I am excited to share. Have a happy weekend and I will catch up with you all soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Golfing bliss

With another busy week behind us, it is so nice to have the opportunity to look back and reflect on it. Our time has been full, working, packing, cleaning, birthday parties, get togethers, and welcoming the cooler weather.
I work at the local golf course and when we took the boys there last week the golf pro noticed that the kids didn't have their own kid size clubs. His kids are older now and he graciously brought their old clubs for my boys. We were all thrilled to bits and so grateful. As we weren't able to make it back out to the golf course the kids turned the front yard into their own driving range and what fun they had! They spent hours seeing how far they could each hit the plastic balls, trying to hit them into cups and around other obstacles.

We were also spending the morning with my beautiful niece Arwynn. She happily played on the sidelines and occasionally gathered up balls for the boys. Then after they were all golfed out, it was time for the sand pit. Meanwhile, I managed to finish off a dishcloth I was knitting, sitting in the warm sum watching over the little ones. It was lovely.

The dads went for a mountain bike ride.....

We bought a utility trailer for all our trailering needs
Sunday I was called to arms early in the morning to go for a horse ride to Rossland. Well, of course I said sleepily and pack up the kids and headed off. Daddy was spending the morning golfing with friends. The boys played with Alex and we were off.....happy days.

The perfect Sunday combination: Betty and the morning sun!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding My Feet

"I'm finding my feet. I'm finding my toes.
Toes are good for balance you know.
I'm finding my feet. I'm finding my toes.
As on this journey, forward I go."

I find myself this week, finding my feet, so to speak. We are in the process of preparing to move. In the process of dealing with banks, Realtors, tenants, landlords and a whole mix of paperwork, deadlines, hope and disappointment. Sometimes even the most carefully laid plans come, well, unstuck. The direction seemed so straight and clear but we have found we are on a short detour. Life is all in how we handle it right? So I am trying to enjoy the new view.

This past week Harrison started grade one at Glenmerry Elementary.

How exciting! I wish I could say I took a picture of him off to his first day, or his first week even, but it didn't quite happen. I feel like all the emotion of the first day of school, I did when we were in Australia. I was really proud and happy to see how excited he was to return to full days. I did not see any fears or worries from him at all. So today on his first day of his second week and the first day he braved the corridors on his own, I took a picture. And what a handsome very grown up 5 year old I have.

He has a lovely teacher, Mrs Partridge. He is also in a split class with 11 grade one students and 9 grade two students. He is enjoying himself and loves his new friends, "I just don't seem able to remember their names mum!"

Sam being the very big 3 year old he is had his first day of nursery school today. He will attend Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 12 - 2:30pm. A nice little break from mummy and some welcome noise and activity to help fill the void Harry left when he started school. Sam painted and crafted and played the afternoon away. I am so glad he likes it there.

I took a well deserved break on Sunday and headed to the Garlic Festival in New Denver with my dear friend Krista ( I know I am talking about New Denver again!!!) As you can imagine there was heaps of garlic to see. I didn't realise how many different varieties there are. It was pretty amazing. There were lots of colourful market stalls and it was lovely to walk around and take in the different sights and smells. I picked up some garlic of course, some garlic sauce that was originally developed as a cold tonic but doubles as a cooking sauce!! I found a cute shirt and a beautiful woven basket. I have wanted one of these baskets for a long, long time. I thought it was about time to treat myself. What about the shirt you say? Well clothing is a necessity you know!

On Friday we decided to catch up with some friends at the local golf course where I work. We thought we would introduce the kids to golf by playing on the putting green and driving range. It was a lovely evening finished off with a lovely dinner. The kids and adults a like had a great time. I highly recommend it to you to try with the little ones. I think next time though I will try to find some kids size clubs!

Sam eager for this new adventure
Arwynn Darwin Sweetheart helping Sam get the balls out of the "oh hole"
Here comes another one Arwynn!
Harry lining one up and......
Cracks it! Wohoo!!!
Sam struggling with his over sized club!