Sunday, May 31, 2009

A visit to the Lake

Kevin's family from Calgary were visiting their parents at the Lake a few weeks ago, so we went for the day with Kevin's parents and his beautiful Grandma to see everyone. It was a cool day so although we were unable to swim in the lake we had a lovely day eating a yummy lunch, playing soccer, Baci, colouring and taking some time out in the hammock. Ah....welcome back to BC!!

Creating BC memories

We arrived home to a cold Spring here in BC. To be honest, it was a welcome change from the hot weather of Brisbane. The snow was almost all melted and the first buds were starting on the trees. Spring really is an exciting time of year here. I was already imagining the layout for our garden and dreaming of the beautiful, lush grass I knew we would soon have.
We had a BBQ in my in-laws backyard to celebrate being home. Do you know how many Chartres family members you can fit in a hot tub on a mild Spring day?

And there is Buddy, our much loved but very squeaky dog. It was so exciting to see him again, even if he has already busted the new screens and pooped on the floor. The kids are in love with him and are constantly calling him to follow them. They get very cross with me as he is a bit of a mummys boy and tends to want to follow me instead! He has already been on a mountain bike ride with Kevin. He was trembling with excitement and squeaking with great squeakiness, that only he can. He came home with some very tired, but very happy paws. He is sleeping now on the bedroom floor beside Harry. Very content and happy to have us home. I must say, we are happy to be home with him too.

Our last few days at home, I will treasure. I wish I had taken more photo's as there seems to be so many memories in my mind and no pictures to match.
We spent one day out at Paul and Bianca's playing with the kids. Thomas and Caitlin had a great playset in the back yard. There was so many areas for imagination and some loving memories created.

Our beautiful Caitlin watching over the boys!!

A secret meeting under the trampoline

I remember moments like these spent with my cousins. I look back on those times with such fond emotions. I do hope that the boys remember the fantastic times they shared with their Aussie cousins. They surely miss them already.
The Tuesday before we left we were lucky enough to be able to go to Dreamworld with Grant and his family. Now, Dreamworld is in no way as educational as Seaworld, but it was FUN!!!! The kids really enjoyed it and again, got to spend some very memorable time with their cousins.

Then, lastely, we had our farewell family dinner. It is always a loud, crazy and fun time when we all get together and this night was no exception. We had a very yummy lamb dinner (thanks again Aileen) and pavlova! It was bitter sweet though seeing the kids playing together so beautifully to know that would be the last time, for a long time. It makes me so sad to be apart from my family but I am ever so grateful for the 5 months we had together. I have a wonderful family and I miss you guys!

Lastly, I will leave you with some images Kevin captured of Sandgate the morning before we left. I will miss looking at that beautiful view every morning......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Farewell to dear friends

Hello to all our Aussie friends. We miss you already!!!! Wow, it really has been a long time since I have written. I thought I would take time this week to write about our last few days in Australia starting with Harrison and his farewell from Brighton State School. Mrs McNicols is a fantastic teacher and Harry is really missing her wonderful influence. He was also so sad to say goodbye to his dear little friends. They put on a lovely party for Harry and it was a day I am sure we will both never forget.......

The walk down to Harry's classroom
The bag area and front door
The kids cubby area....
Harry sharing a moment with his beautiful teacher

Prep M!!!

Harry and Sam celebrating with Harry's mates
We were able to bring some work books and memories from Brighton that Harry has proudly showed off to his classmates here. He has even worn his uniform once! He is missing the full days but he only has 4 more weeks of Kindy, a few months break and then into grade 1!!!!!!!!

I too had a lovely farewell from my friends. My girls (even though a few were absent, I know they were there in spirit :) )took me to dinner on the Redcliffe waterfront for a lovely, lovely Italian meal and wonderful company. I am going to dearly miss their friendships and hugs.....but most of all I will miss the sound of our children playing together, only slightly muffled by the laughter and chatter of us mums. My beautiful Wild Women of the Eastern Rainbow, what light you have shone on my family. I will miss you dearly but I know you are only a rainbow away!

As you can see from the collages I have found a new website and have been playing around with it. I LOVE IT!!! I hope to spend some more time updating the blog and playing around with our pictures. See you again soon!!!