Friday, October 31, 2008


This morning I am not feeling so excited about all our goings on. Yes, that "S" word is starting to take a hold of me. These are the times that I usually crumbled. I believe the overwhelming part of it all is trying to decide where to start! Should I be starting to pack up our belongings? Should I be finishing the bathroom first? Should I be trying harder to maintain the daily mess around the house? Should I be throwing myself harder into trying to find a tenant?
The boys are soooooooo excited about Halloween. I don't think Sam quite knows what he is getting himself in for but I am sure he will enjoy being all dressed up. I don't think we will visit many houses. I would like to keep the candy to a minimum. I usually end up throwing most of it out anyway. The boys are so used to not having it that a couple of pieces is enough.
One great thing I feel I have achieved is getting the Canadian family christmas presents organised. What a relief and I was able to stick to budget this year which is great.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My first blog

Things are a buzz of excitment here. Tomorrow the houses on Laburnum settle (hopefully), we are babysitting Arwynn this morning, Harry is off to school in half an hour, we are leaving for Australia in 3 weeks and 5 days!!!! So much to think of and so many things to do.
We are trying to get some renovations finished around here before we leave. I am pulling the wall paper of the walls in the ensuite. It certainly isn't the most desirable job in the world, however I can already see how much better it is going to look. Kevin is working on painting the hall next and finishing all the brown doors. I will be so happy to see the last of the horrible mission brown doors. It trule is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

The colours outside the window really warm my heart. I think fall is my favourite time of year and reminds me again, I am happy to have chosen Canada for our home. The seasons are so inspiring and the changes are a good reminder that things never stay the same.

I am only 4 squares away from finishing my first ever throw rug. It is such an amazing feeling to finish this project and to know I created it myself. I am thinking it will make a perfect gift for a special somone in my family for Christmas. There is a lot of love woven in the wool, what better gift can you ask for than that?