Sunday, March 20, 2011


Moving countries has many advantages and disadvantages.  One of the biggest disadvantages was leaving behind my beautiful family and friends.  Not a day goes by when my mind doesn't think of you or past conversations/adventures.  Distance and time puts a strange wedge into the relationship - the love is still there but the lack of shared experiences leaves a gaping hole, where there was previously a snug embrace.  Now months go by with little to no contact and my heart bleeds for the way things were.  Snatching small glimmers of connectedness which I once daily took for granted.
Then comes the experience of trying to fit in to new surroundings, culture and customs.  Trying to find my niche in my new life and find those daily connections again.  At first, all new relationships are compared to the old, dearly loved, dearly missed ones and in all honesty, the new ones just don't add up.  Then with familiarity, comfort comes and all sides in the new relationship begin to open up.  New friendships form in surprising and wonderful ways.
I find myself so torn now between past and present trying only to be grateful for each beautiful gift as it presents itself.  Friend's truly are treasures and mine, new and old are rich in love, support, fun and comfort.  I am a very lucky women to know the people I know and have know.  I treasure my special friends and look forward to when I will share experiences with you again and all the old familiarity returns and the magic happens.  For now, I will continue to grow the new friendships, forever holding you in my heart.