Monday, January 17, 2011

Harry and his friends

It is so interesting to watch my eldest child interact with others.  I love seeing what strengths and weaknesses are brought about by different personalities.  I look after a young man from Harry's class, 3 afternoons a week, until his parents get home from work.  At times the boys are wildly rambunctious, other times they are hotly debating dinosaurs, animal facts, God and other worldly topics (seriously, it is hilarious to listen to some days!!).  Most times however, the two boys gravitate towards drawing.  They particularly like large pieces of paper where they can both create together maps, treasures, games, mountains, animal traps and beastly creatures.  And then, there is Sadie....who we look after every now and then, but when we do it is always entertaining!!  I really don't think it is because of the boy - girl differences.  I really believe it has more to do with their personalities.  Sadie and Harry's favourite activity???  Dancing around the living room with the music up REALLY loud.....

doing the Tango

The 'Funky' chicken.....

freestyle, I guess?!?!?!?!?!!??

Sam and Thane sometimes join in with the outlandish personalities of these two but mostly they just watch and admire.  Sometimes I too jump in and remember myself dancing through my house as a child.  I am so glad Harry has someone to do it with and laugh and laugh and laugh with.  Good times I say, good times.  And thanks Sadie for bringing out this fun, energetic and crazy chicken dancing side of my beautiful, old soul of a boy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Skiing at Big White

We have been having some interesting weather....mostly overcast, snowing, or whited out.  The locals tell us that it is the  first time in years to have such a 'bad' week.  "Bad week?"  I said - this has been bloody brilliant!!  No line ups, fresh powder and we are skiing people.  I love skiing!!!  Today the heavens opened up and the sun finally shone down on us (well, for moments throughout the day at least) and we were finally able to take some photos.  The kids are loving the skiing as well but all our legs are feeling it today.  Only one more day left for us here and I am starting to feel so sad about having to say farewell to my family again.  But for now I am trying not to think of this and enjoy the moment. 

Harry, Sam and Jackson at the top of Ridge Rocket Express (who gets to name these lifts anyway??)

Having fun in the trees

The view looking back over the Village Centre

Happy Days!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Holiday To Remember

Christmas is such an amazing time of year, full of love, laughter and cheer.  A time to be surrounded by family.  I think of my friends and family in Australia often, but never as much as this time of year.  So you can imagine our delight when my brother Grant and his family decided to come for a 3 week holiday at Christmas.  It was so nice to have Mum here and then followed by a visit from these guys, is more than we could wish for.  The kids have had an absolute blast together.  You wouldn't know that they hadn't seen each other for almost 2 years.  There has been lots of sledding, down hill skiing, cross country skiing, snow people making, skating, celebrating and laughter.  I thought I would share just a few of the magical moments we have been spending together.  We still have another week of skiing at Big White Resort, just outside Kelowna, B.C.  I will post more photos then.  Happy New Year everyone!!! 

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Hee Hee Hee!!!

Fruitvale, Sunset and sledding

Cousin time

Wipe out time!  The older you get, the harder you fall!

Christmas morning hugs

Christmas morning mayhem

Our 'real' tree
Day trip to Nelson


Sam riding Pickles

Mikaylah having the time of her life!!!

Eli's turn!

Giddy up Pickles

Quad rides at -8 makes the face very frozen..

View from our front deck

Snow people family (the baby snow kid on the right lost his pineapple hair..oops)

Skating time

Cross country skiing....