Friday, October 31, 2008


This morning I am not feeling so excited about all our goings on. Yes, that "S" word is starting to take a hold of me. These are the times that I usually crumbled. I believe the overwhelming part of it all is trying to decide where to start! Should I be starting to pack up our belongings? Should I be finishing the bathroom first? Should I be trying harder to maintain the daily mess around the house? Should I be throwing myself harder into trying to find a tenant?
The boys are soooooooo excited about Halloween. I don't think Sam quite knows what he is getting himself in for but I am sure he will enjoy being all dressed up. I don't think we will visit many houses. I would like to keep the candy to a minimum. I usually end up throwing most of it out anyway. The boys are so used to not having it that a couple of pieces is enough.
One great thing I feel I have achieved is getting the Canadian family christmas presents organised. What a relief and I was able to stick to budget this year which is great.

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