Monday, September 21, 2009

Golfing bliss

With another busy week behind us, it is so nice to have the opportunity to look back and reflect on it. Our time has been full, working, packing, cleaning, birthday parties, get togethers, and welcoming the cooler weather.
I work at the local golf course and when we took the boys there last week the golf pro noticed that the kids didn't have their own kid size clubs. His kids are older now and he graciously brought their old clubs for my boys. We were all thrilled to bits and so grateful. As we weren't able to make it back out to the golf course the kids turned the front yard into their own driving range and what fun they had! They spent hours seeing how far they could each hit the plastic balls, trying to hit them into cups and around other obstacles.

We were also spending the morning with my beautiful niece Arwynn. She happily played on the sidelines and occasionally gathered up balls for the boys. Then after they were all golfed out, it was time for the sand pit. Meanwhile, I managed to finish off a dishcloth I was knitting, sitting in the warm sum watching over the little ones. It was lovely.

The dads went for a mountain bike ride.....

We bought a utility trailer for all our trailering needs
Sunday I was called to arms early in the morning to go for a horse ride to Rossland. Well, of course I said sleepily and pack up the kids and headed off. Daddy was spending the morning golfing with friends. The boys played with Alex and we were off.....happy days.

The perfect Sunday combination: Betty and the morning sun!

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gardenmama said...

it looks like a lovely day outdoors with family, beautiful!