Friday, January 22, 2010

Big news!

Harry lost his first baby tooth!!! "Finally!" he said. He lost the tooth he grew as a precious 6 month old, at 6 years old.
We have been operating in slow mode this week with Sam and myself feeling the effects of the latest flu. There has been lots of colouring and reading.....
Harry is doing so well learning to read as I believe he really has a passion for it. Right now he is experimenting with punctuation and loves to use different voices.

Have a great weekend!


Janine said...

Way to go Harry - Jordan has been hanging out to lose a tooth but as yet none are looking even remotely wriggly!

Isn't it wonderful to listen to them reading but makes you realise how "big" they are getting. Jordan is loving the Dr Suess books at the moment.

Catherine said...

Go Harry! That's very exciting. When I was five, my brother shot out one of my front teeth with a key-car (remember those?) and the next day, I pulled a whistle out of his mouth and it must have been hard, cause I yanked a tooth out with it....and he was only three...ooops. PS: How CUTE is Sam's little concentrating profile!!