Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday fun

I had a pretty relaxed birthday this year. However, this was the scene on Saturday afternoon amidst some celebrations - talk about special!

Our dear friends were here visiting from Vancouver which made it even more special. I don't believe that I have ever seen a full, perfect rainbow before and I was mad I couldn't get it all in the shot. This is the best I could do!!

As Sam and I have only a few days between our birthdays we decided to have the family dinner for his birthday. Sam loves his family, especially his beautiful cousins. He had a blast and is asking if it is still his birthday some 4 or 5 days later!!

And look how big our littlest niece is getting! The beautiful Iris......
Kevin has a new love. Not that Buddy could ever lose out to this little yapper, but Bill certainly holds a dear place in Kevin's heart. Totally amusing for all of us that know Kevin well (he is soooo not a little dog kind guy!!)


MELANIE said...

Stace, those rainbow pictures are breathtaking!! I figure you could win an award with those! You should at least send it into the paper! Everyone should see it...they are magical! I swear I saw pixies and sprites dancing!

Catherine said...

What a magical birthday!! Of course the powers that be would be smiling on one as lovely and deserving as you. I agree with Mel - those pics are awesome. I miss you and I know i haven't wished Sam a happy birthday yet but please give him a squishy hug from us. Your gifts are done and just need to be packed up and sent! Love lots and I love the photos of the boys playing too. xxx