Friday, November 7, 2008

Simple Pleasures

All the bustle around here has made me realise, I need to make sure I am still making time for creative play with the boys. So after a rather ordinary day yesterday, where I spent most of my time on the computer or phone, I got the kids to help me make dinner. We decided to try making "healthy" chicken fingers. I used the last of our bread to make the bread crumbs and also added some ground flax seeds. Then I set the kids up with aprons and popped them in front of their 'role'.........
Sam was on flour, Harry on eggs and I was on the crumbs. They did wonderfully and they loved it. Harry especially liked all the textures between all three bowls and I let them have some free play time with them at the end. I know what you are thinking....what a mess but really, it wasn't that bad. What a beautiful way for them to learn and interact. Such a simple, messy task brought them joy and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. And guess what? Dinner time was fight free and they ate all their dinner!!! I don't think they particularly liked them but they ate them as they had had a part in their creation. We did our usual question around the table "What was your favourite part of today"....they both said cooking and playing in the first snow fall. Now if we could only find some reliable renters.....but that is another story!

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Dave (C) said...

What a neat story! Good one Stacey.