Monday, December 15, 2008

The first few weeks in Brisvegas!

Welcome home!!! Welcome back to the humidity!!! The first few days we saw my lovely family and the kids had a blast together. They played beautifully and it looked like they had never been apart. Family dinners are certainly going to be loud and crazy...2 five year olds, a 4 year old, 3 two year olds and a baby...phew!
The view from mum's deck.

We spent one day at Dad's in his pool....lovely and the kids took to the water like little fish.

I even managed to run into a friend I hadn't seen in over 10 years. I look forward to cathcing up with her and our many other Aussie friends. My girlfriend Janine and her son Jordon come up from Melbourne to stay with us for the week. The day after they arrived we went to the Sandgate Pool for some more water fun.

Janine and I got a bit of shopping done early in the week and then the kids got sick unfortunately. Harry and Jordan were going to have a joint 5th birthday party on the weekend but we had to cancel. Harry had a good birthday regardless as having Jordan here for non-stop playing was a gift enough! Harry did get a scooter from his Pa and Nana for his birthday and he is loving cruising up and down the waterfront. It is amazing how fast he is picking it up and I love to see him exercising with such pleasure.

Sam is starting to feel better today and actually slept through the night last night so fingers crossed all will be well in our world again. We have been going for walks, weather and wellness permitting, along the waterfront here. It is absolutely beautiful and our minds started to think , wow, it is REALLY nice here. ..... then we had to drive somewhere and the beauty came crashing down!!!!! We are definately country folk now and the city life just isn't for us. For another example, the first Saturday night we had here at mums the young 15 year old next door had a get together that went badly. A lot of people turned up that were not invited and to cut a long story short, mum and I spent a lot of the evening there kicking kids out of the neighbours house!!! It is terrible to think that a teenage girl can't have a party anymore unless there are security staff. The other city thing, is the shopping centres. In one breath it is so nice to have so many stores to choose from BUT the crowds and the energy is so draning. Just parking the car is exhausting!!!

Kevin took Harry to Australia Zoo one day which he absolutely loved. It really warms my heart that he loves animals so much. Sam and I stayed home and had a lovely visit with Cath and Kees. I even managed to get to my old babygroup playdate which was lovely. A morning spent by the seaside playing and swimming. I look forward to many more.

Kevin started work last week. He is near the city again which is nice. There is always lots to see and do on his lunch break. He has about a 30 minute walk to the train station along the waterfront, then a 30 minute train ride and a short walk to work from there. Sounds like a lot of commuting but it isn't that bad, he said he is enjoying it.

I plan from now on to try to write each day and keep you updated now that things are settling down. I want all the Canadians to know that we are thinking of you all often. Please write and let us know what is going on at home as it is always lovely to hear from you.

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