Monday, December 21, 2009

A family cross country ski adventure

I remember before Kevin and I had the boys, talking about the things we hoped to do with our children. Mostly we hoped they would share our love of the outdoors and would be interested in hiking and skiing. So you can imagine the delight we had on Sunday when we ventured out on our first family cross country skiing adventure (where the kids actually skied I mean!). We had found Harrison some skis and boots at a garage sale in the summer - they were practically brand new. Sam was using the plastic beginner skis we found in a second had store. We weren't sure how far Sam was going to make it being 3 and all, so Kev towed the trusty sled just in case.

We set out on an approximately 4 km trip, with a cabin at the 2km mark. The boys were super excited about the adventure and after fiddling with skis and last minute tips, off we went!
Oh how I love the quiet and stillness up there, mixed with the chatter of the boys and a Christmas song or two.

Now that they had mastered the flat, the boys wanted to try a little hill. There was a few spills.....a little of this....

A little of that........

Sam got tired about 1.5km in and decided to get into the sled. We were so proud and amazed at how far he went. Daddy tried to go over a little snow bank and made the sled tip. Oh dear!

Then we finally made it to the cabin and feasted on mandarins and chips. We started a fire and sat back and thought about what we had achieved. I was so happy to be spending such a memorable time with my family.

Did I mention that Harry skied the whole way? In and out! He loved it and I think he could have kept going!!! I look forward to many more wonderful times skiing with the kids and I wonder how much fun we will have down hill skiing. I will keep you updated! For now happy days before Christmas. I hope all your preparations are coming together.

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