Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I wanted to share a little Christmas cheer with you from the boys. I don't usually like to hear such gruesome things are you are about to hear, but who am I kidding, the boys love it. Boys will be boys. It is funny how kids can hear a song sung by an older child a few times and remember it, word for word. Yet they can't remember to wash their hands after going potty when I swear I tell them a dozen times a day!! Here is to the little pleasures in life. Merry Christmas!


Catherine said...

Hello my friends! I love the Christmas songs. Thank you so much for the greeting you sent us - we all enjoyed reading the letter and card and they have pride of place on the fridge. Hope you had a lovely white Christmas with lots of fun, love and food. Big kisses to you all! xxx

MELANIE said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have to admit, the first song kept MY attention better than Rudolph! Awesome, boys!