Monday, February 8, 2010

A mini update

Seems to me I have been forgetting my camera a lot lately. Hmmm...sorry about that. So this will be a mini update!

Is there really anything better than a Sunday morning ride? The only part I am not so happy about is that I can still feel the saddle in my butt!! Ouch...It's been awhile! (Please note, this is the only snow I have seen in a very long time. Our front yard is completely snow free much to our dismay!)

I got bangs and forgot to share that with you all. It has been about 2 months now and still not sure that I like them but Aries never really like their hair. It's in the stars.

Have I mentioned that Buddy loves his bed? 8pm every night and he is all curled up. Why is his bed so small you ask? Well, he doesn't like his 'big' bed so he squishes himself into Bill's little bed! Go figure.

I found my sewing machine again just in time for a friends birthday. Not sure if these will be considered trendy, but army print fleece pajama pants sure are comfortable.

I am off to a friends for craft night. I am going to start knitting some cushion covers. One of these days I will work up the courage to knit a day.

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