Sunday, February 14, 2010

Counting and sorting

Harry's class is celebrating 100 days of being in school. They are going to be counting, sorting and playing with 100 things! Sam heard us talking about what Harry could take to school on Monday and started searching the house for 100 things. We found some great stuff in the craft room and Sam had a blast sorting and counting. For Sam we made 10 piles of 10 things, sorted into colours, built towers and stacks....the possibilities were endless. I was really surprised at how excited Sam was and he just kept wanting to count! After Harry got home from school they played with them all over again together.

We also had some craft time and Harry also hung his school pictures up when he got home. It was a great way to pass these rainy days away.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Anonymous said...

He is soooo cute. I just love his sweet little profile, concentrating so hard. I wish he could organise my sewing room. He obviously gets this talent (analness) for sorting from... his Mama!xx Cath.