Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sorry to have been M.I.A. for so long now. Life stepped up a notch and I have been frazzled dealing with it all! We finally got our house back from the renters and now it is renovation time. Not just a small renovation. No. This is a grand scale remodel. I am so excited about how the house will look when it is all done. It is all the decisions to make along the way that have me exhausted. Then you make a decision and the builder/plumber/electrician says it won't work. Back to the beginning! All mixed in with Spring Break, makes for good, crazy times. Did I mention that the kids have been sick too? I am happy to report though, they are now feeling much better just in time to return to school.
I thought I would share some before pics of the house and keep you updated as we go along.
The kitchen then (please note the gorgeous ceiling tiles!):

And now...

It looks a lot worse than it is! The cupboards will go back up after the walls have been re-sheeted and painted. There will also be new counter tops.

The front room/lounge then:

And now...:

The little room being framed in the corner here is going to be the office.

I will show you some more tomorrow, maybe of the bathroom. Hope you are all well.

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MELANIE said...

YAY!!! Great pics, Stace!!! So excited for these big renos!! Yes, stressful but you guys seem to be handling it all pretty well :)It's going to look AWESOME when it's done!