Monday, June 14, 2010

Our front room

I wanted to share our front room next as it is a part of our kitchen area, one big room. I love the open concept and it doesn't really get more 'open' than this!

So, this is the original room:

The little doorway is the separate 'guest' entrance which we converted into an office, but more on that later!

During the renovation process:

Painting the newly sheeted walls:

When we moved in we had no where to store the kitchen cupboards so into the front room they sat for 2 weeks!

And now.......

I love this little children's corner we created. Eventually when downstairs is renovated all the boys toys etc will go down there, but until then this is where the creativity will hopefully happen.

We are still waiting for the moldings to arrive. Who knew such a simple thing could take so long. I am really happy with how things have turned out in this space though. It really feels cosy whilst still be open. It is a wonderful place for our family to spread their wings without being on top of one another. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Next I promise we will head into the bathroom. Looking forward to it!

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Catherine said...

Loving all the house updates! It's so fun making sweet little spaces for the kids hey! All that love and thought you can put in. May their creativity pour forth. And the room looks great - very sunny and comfortable. xxx