Friday, September 17, 2010

The boys mountain adventure

Much to my dismay (and the boys utter delight), Kevin took the boys camping on the mountain behind our house.  I was only dismayed due to the large bears and coyote's that live on this mountain and the thought of my 3 precious men being in a tent for the evening.  Call me overprotective if you will.  Must be something to do with the Aussie in me!!!  I wish I had taken a picture of them as they set off on their manly adventure.  They were loaded up with packs and big smiles, the dogs barking excitedly beside them. 

So they survived and had a fantastic time.  We spoke before they went to sleep that night and again in the morning to calm my nerves.  Kevin said there was only one moment when he wished he hadn't gone.  Both Harry and Sam needed to poo when they got up to their camp spot and guess what the one thing is that Kevin forgot to pack?  Yup, the old toilet paper was left behind.  Thank goodness for stinky old socks left in the bottom of the tent or Kevin might have cried!!!!  And what was I doing on my solo evening?  I had my feet up, watched some movies, had a bath and went to bed ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!  It was lovely.  I should suggest they go again next summer!!


Melly said...

Just saw this now! Kev took some awesome pix! The boys with their sleepy morning eyes is so cute! POo situation...priceless :)

Michelle said...

Sounds like they had a great (and stinky;-) time...and you had a much deserved mama night!

Thank you so much for finding me again, Stacey...and Happy Thanksgiving!!