Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello dear friends.  I seem to be having trouble making regular posts!  Sorry about that.  I think of it often.   If only there was a little me that could take my thoughts for the day and plug them into the computer for me!!   We have been busy welcoming in the cooler Fall weather, Harry started hockey, I started working, harvesting and processing fruit from the yard and continuing with renovations.  Kevin and I have been challenging each other to find frugal and fun ways to renovate and/or improve the house.  Will keep you posted on how that is going!! I thought I would include some pictures of what has been happening in our world lately......a little titbit for now if you will.

Quiet moments checking out their favorite books

Reading with Nana (Sam is tired here - can you tell!?)

Our new pocket doors for the office and into the hall.  Kevin put them in for under $50 and I LOVE them.  I am able to lock the dogs out of the kitchen and living area now and it is making a huge difference.  When I am at work the house stays clean, well at least until the kids get home that is!

My lovely little helpers cleaning the glass

Kev and I all 80's upped for Derek's surprise 40th party.  It was really fun and Bianca I thought of you and all the daggy 80's music we love.  Good times.  (Hay, we never did have that 'bad taste' party - will have to put that on the list next time we are home!!!)

Where I spent a good part of the weekend, pulling nails and staples from the walls and floors. 

The stunning view from our deck.  I love Fall.  I love the colours and the cool air.  I love the crisp, clean days.  I hope the weather is treating you all as kindly as it is here right now and I do hope that the rain stops soon in Brisvegas!  (Who would have thought a year ago that I would be saying that!!  From drought to flooding - it is Australia after all!!!)

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Michelle said...

Love the 80's outfits...I'll bet the music was totally awesome;-)