Saturday, January 8, 2011

Skiing at Big White

We have been having some interesting weather....mostly overcast, snowing, or whited out.  The locals tell us that it is the  first time in years to have such a 'bad' week.  "Bad week?"  I said - this has been bloody brilliant!!  No line ups, fresh powder and we are skiing people.  I love skiing!!!  Today the heavens opened up and the sun finally shone down on us (well, for moments throughout the day at least) and we were finally able to take some photos.  The kids are loving the skiing as well but all our legs are feeling it today.  Only one more day left for us here and I am starting to feel so sad about having to say farewell to my family again.  But for now I am trying not to think of this and enjoy the moment. 

Harry, Sam and Jackson at the top of Ridge Rocket Express (who gets to name these lifts anyway??)

Having fun in the trees

The view looking back over the Village Centre

Happy Days!!!!


arianne said...

Breathtaking winter shots. Wow. Lovely blog.

Catherine said...

Talk about A LOT OF SNOW!! What a gorgeous winter wonderland. You guys are lucky! Glad to see you all havin a ball. xxxx