Monday, March 2, 2009

I have finished another project. It felt like a long time coming, and well, it was!! It is not as unpleasant a task as one would think, knitting wool in Brisbane during the summer, but certainly not something that springs to mind after a sweaty day! Cath however, is looking splendidly ripe and is due in the next week or two!! I am so excited to see how this diaper cover looks on the baby. I was really hoping to learn how to crochet a few pretty flowers to put on the bum but what happens if she has a boy?! Boys can have flowers too can't they? Oh and I think I forgot to share, the needles pictured with the pants were made by my dad and I. They were a special larger size for my GG and dad wipped up a few extra pairs.

Mum is still continuing to dive through her belongings in order to have it all packed up for her trip. She came across this book that she used as a teenager. I am loving these treasures she is uncovering and handing over to me. Lucky girl I am.

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Gail Chartres said...

Hi Stacey:
The little pants look sooo cute. What a great job! How do they do up?