Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paper plane fun

On Tuesday afternoon, Harry got sick. His teacher phoned asking me to pick him up early. His classmates were very sympathetic and just gorgeous. After a rough afternoon and evening of being sick, very sick, he awoke at 4am yesterday morning a new man. Me on the other hand felt very sleep deprived!! I convinced him to lie in bed for another hour but he was just busting to get up, so up we got. To make sure he really was better, we had a very quite morning. The boys watched tv, read their books and played with their castle. I learnt how to crochet little flowers for a very special babies bottom. Not to shabby, huh?! Oh and in response to my beautiful M.I.L's question, the pants do up by a drawstring, which I haven't put in yet.

We all then had a lovely nap in the middle of the day. I was inspired by Amanda at SouleMama with this post about having a craft set up for the kids when they wake in the morning. I thought that applies to naps too. I found 2 patterns for paper airplanes and made those, then set up the paints outside. They awoke to see new their new planes and we then spent the next 2 hours in the afternoon sun, painting, flying and knitting. Pure bliss!

Look! In the sky (specifically by the top of the gate!!) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Why yes!!! It is a plane, a paper plane!

(I have just realised that the plane is really blending in with the mailbox. Oh well, you will just have to use your imagination). It was a great made it all the way across the dangerous ocean (the driveway) into the other airport (the rocks). Landing can be hazardous but FUN!!

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Gail Chartres said...

Super airplane flying boys!!!
love Grandma