Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Fish and Chips weekend!!

Wow, what a weekend! There really was never a dull moment......
We picked Kevin up after work and headed across to Redcliffe to meet Matt, Cath and Kees. It was a lovely night by the beach. The little boys loved stripping off for a swim in the ocean. We had sandwiches, and I, a little wine. A lovely way to catch up with friends.
Note: I have been forgetting my camera an awful lot lately with Friday night being no exception. The past few weeks have almost been like a photographic dry spell....well people....the drought has broken. Prepare for the rainfall!!!!
The Stook family came for a visit. Everyone, apart from me (darn stitches), jumped on the bikes and headed across the old bridge to Redcliffe. We have finally purchased a bike seat for Sam so he can enjoy these longer journeys too. Kevin worked out that Harry rode his bike for almost 10km that afternoon! Way to go Harry. Seth and Mia are beautiful children and were a real joy for the boys to play with. We then went across to Scarborough for fresh prawns from Morgans, then fish and chips. A truly beautiful spot. The kids were able to play at the playground, and Sam discovered soccer. He has incredible hand eye co-ordination for his age and loved kicking and chasing the ball around. He cried at the end of the night when he had to return the ball to Seth!!! Will have to invest in one I guess!!

"Daddy, yuck, don't eat the prawn!"

The view to the left....

The view to the right

This morning was a lovely, lazy kind of morning. The kids actually slept in, then Kevin took Sam for a bike ride to the shops for the morning paper. Harry and I lost ourselves in books on the front deck, just soaking up the beauty of the morning. Then Kevin surprised me with the most fantastic omelette EVER!!! It was delicious. I seriously have the best husband!!

As mum will be taking off on her around Australia adventure late this week, my brothers and their families came out for a family afternoon. Firstly, I had great pleasure in sharing my wonderful treasure chest of Grandmas jewelery with the kids and we had a grand time playing dress ups.

Then we headed outside to the very popular Lower Moyer Park at Shorncliffe beach. They truly have the most amazing playground and the cousins went wild. Then there was more fish and chips to be enjoyed, more beach to be explored and a fantastic afternoon spent with a very loving family. This I think we are all going to miss very much. For now, we are just happy to bask in the moment and look forward to the next 3 months here.

How was your weekend, be it in Australia, Canada or abroad? I would love to hear what is happening with you all.

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Rhianna said...

Hey Stacey!

Great pictures! It's so nice to see you guys out in the sunshine, with big happy smiles, while it's dark, grey and pouring rain here. Bring on spring I say!
I love the shot of Harry reading..he looks so big and grown up.
I also love reading your blogs. That's so brave of you to open up your world and thoughts for us all to read. Very powerful, beautiful and inspiring!
Thanx for sharing!