Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunshine Coast

It is a little embarrassing, ok, a lot embarrassing to admit that we had not yet been to my much loved, Sunshine Coast. I spent most of my high school years lying on a beach there, running a muck and have so many great memories. Kevin and I also spent our first date on the Sunshine Coast and I have been wanting to travel up there since we first arrived back. So, last Sunday we jumped into the car after our Easter egg hunt and drove for an hour. We arrived in Coolum, where Kev and I romanced some 10 years earlier, and here we are visiting with our kids. So cool! It was a very overcast weekend but still warm enough to go swimming.

The boys were very excited when they saw the beach and many sandcastles were made. We then headed into the surf. Harry was a little hesitant, for about 1 minute!!! Then he was diving and swimming like he had been born in the surf. A very proud moment for me. Sam was scared but in his defence, it was very rippy and a strong undercurrent so he didn't feel very strong on his feet. Both the boys enjoyed it though which is great.

And there is the iconic life guards, looking good and keeping us safe.

There were a few differences in Coolum, after all a lot changes in 10 years. However it is still the place of my memories and I still love it there. Needless to say, it was a wonderful day and I hope we get to return before we leave.

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MELANIE said...

Hi Stacey:
Nice pictures again. Where did we go that time we went up north and stayed in that condo? Was it Coolum?