Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Farewell to dear friends

Hello to all our Aussie friends. We miss you already!!!! Wow, it really has been a long time since I have written. I thought I would take time this week to write about our last few days in Australia starting with Harrison and his farewell from Brighton State School. Mrs McNicols is a fantastic teacher and Harry is really missing her wonderful influence. He was also so sad to say goodbye to his dear little friends. They put on a lovely party for Harry and it was a day I am sure we will both never forget.......

The walk down to Harry's classroom
The bag area and front door
The kids cubby area....
Harry sharing a moment with his beautiful teacher

Prep M!!!

Harry and Sam celebrating with Harry's mates
We were able to bring some work books and memories from Brighton that Harry has proudly showed off to his classmates here. He has even worn his uniform once! He is missing the full days but he only has 4 more weeks of Kindy, a few months break and then into grade 1!!!!!!!!

I too had a lovely farewell from my friends. My girls (even though a few were absent, I know they were there in spirit :) )took me to dinner on the Redcliffe waterfront for a lovely, lovely Italian meal and wonderful company. I am going to dearly miss their friendships and hugs.....but most of all I will miss the sound of our children playing together, only slightly muffled by the laughter and chatter of us mums. My beautiful Wild Women of the Eastern Rainbow, what light you have shone on my family. I will miss you dearly but I know you are only a rainbow away!

As you can see from the collages I have found a new website www.picknik.com and have been playing around with it. I LOVE IT!!! I hope to spend some more time updating the blog and playing around with our pictures. See you again soon!!!

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