Sunday, May 31, 2009

Creating BC memories

We arrived home to a cold Spring here in BC. To be honest, it was a welcome change from the hot weather of Brisbane. The snow was almost all melted and the first buds were starting on the trees. Spring really is an exciting time of year here. I was already imagining the layout for our garden and dreaming of the beautiful, lush grass I knew we would soon have.
We had a BBQ in my in-laws backyard to celebrate being home. Do you know how many Chartres family members you can fit in a hot tub on a mild Spring day?

And there is Buddy, our much loved but very squeaky dog. It was so exciting to see him again, even if he has already busted the new screens and pooped on the floor. The kids are in love with him and are constantly calling him to follow them. They get very cross with me as he is a bit of a mummys boy and tends to want to follow me instead! He has already been on a mountain bike ride with Kevin. He was trembling with excitement and squeaking with great squeakiness, that only he can. He came home with some very tired, but very happy paws. He is sleeping now on the bedroom floor beside Harry. Very content and happy to have us home. I must say, we are happy to be home with him too.

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MELANIE said...

Oh how I would've liked to squeeeeeze into that tub!!

Great photos, SIL!