Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tradition and a strong family bond

I would like to introduce to you Grumpy Guy.....

While he may be a strange looking fellow he is a very much loved part of our family. He originally belonged to my husbands grandfather. When he sadly passed in early 1999 Kevin and his cousin Jodi both expressed interest in becoming Grumpy Guy's new owners. Kevin decided that as he would be travelling overseas for a few years that he would send Grumpy Guy to Jodi with a note, offering to share him. They would each have the pleasure of his company for a couple of years and then send him back. This has been going on ever since and we just received Grumpy Guy back in our home. He still contains the original note Kevin sent Jodi, a photo of the two family's from 1988 and a new note that Jodi composed updating Grumpy Guy on the past 10 years.

I love that they started this tradition, that their family love is strong and unlike most family's, instead of feuding over a piece of memorabilia, came up with a new, fun family tradition. The best part is that the kids were interested in the story and it sparked some lovely conversations between us all. I think it is a great way to bond and I would love to hear what traditions you have in your families. So I will leave you with this beautiful image of my niece Arwynn doing her Grumpy Guy impression.....priceless!

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