Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn surprises

Autumn really is my favourite season and I think the boys feel the same. They love it when the fallen leaves stick to the windscreen on the van, then squel with delight when they flutter off as we are driving along! Their other favourite game lately has been catching the falling leaves and/or throwing them up and catching them.

It keeps them entertained all afternoon.
But alas, look what we started to see on our trip to Kelowna this weekend.....snow minged in with the glorius Autumn colours.

And then yesterday it happened.....we got our first snow fall. Sam came running in to the kitchen, face beaming and said "Mum, it is real snowing now. I am so happy!!!" and turned and ran back to the window. So I guess winter is Sam's favourite season now.

The kids were eager to have their 1st play and 1st snow ball fight for the season. I had my 1st fall down the icy stairs this morning so my 1st hasn't been a good one. I am however looking forward to all our winter activites, and going skiing as a whole family.

I think for now I am going to take my weary tush and sit in my comfy knitting chair and finish a scarf I started almost 7 years ago with my beautiful grandmother. There is only a few rows to go and it will be lovely to give it to Harry. I started it before he was born and he will get it just before his 6th birthday. I sure hope my other projects won't take that long!!!!

Happy snowy days.

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