Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and a new friend

It all started with some pumpkin carving. A real boys delight, pulling the mushy, messy guts out to the pumpkin and the delight of watching his face being carved.

The fun we all had dressing up. Actually I think Kev and I may have had more fun!!!

And being with the whole clan at Halloween is priceless fun. (My boys are in the Spider man outfits at the front!)

I also wanted to quickly introduce to you the newest member of our family.....Bill. (Dad he came to us with that name...sorry!) Bill has been settling into our family very nicely. Buddy is slowly getting used to this smaller version of himself and is not quite as anxious as before.

And Sam, well our little animal lover is, well, in love!


Janine said...

Love the Halloween dress ups - very cute and what a gorgeous photo of Sammy and Bill - priceless

Anonymous said...

You guys look awesome!! Great costumes - and isn't Spiderman the all-time favourite? Looks like you had a great night. And Bill! He looks hilarious in that pic with buddy - like a gremlin or something! Where'd he turn up from? So nice to see the photos. Love you heaps. But can you please include a few more references to poo and wee? xx Cath