Friday, February 27, 2009

End of the week

The end of the week went well for us. I managed to catch up with old and new friends, Kev was able to go to an extra hockey training, and the boys enjoyed their school time. Mum is busy getting ready for her departure next week. So between her busyness and my lack of physical ability at the moment, the house is a mess!! We went from perfect organisation to perfect mess in a few days! Funny how that happens, isn't it!? I remind myself that the world won't stop turning because my house is in disarray. The children can still play around the piles and life continues on. So what! There is more to life than a clean house. Today however, it will come to an end. The family will help me clean. There will be excitement when the couch is moved and their precious toys are returned. Old toys will be played with again as they are re-organised. They always look like new toys when things are sorted out. I will see the couch emerge from under the pile of laundry and the ironing pile disappear. After all this activity we will be getting a reward visit from friends. Laughter, food and sharing the great outdoors, now that is what makes my world turn.

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