Monday, July 13, 2009

More New Denver

Did I mention already that I love camping in New Denver?!?! I love being by the lake watching the kids play with the rocks or a log that washed up on the shore. Both mornings I was able to do yoga by the shore, this one is in the lovingly maintained garden just on the outskirts of town. It makes me feel calm just looking at it.

Kevin and the boys bathed in the lake each night, a little to cool for this Aussie blood. I enjoyed watching the sun setting over the mountains instead.

I even managed to finish off a special craft project for a friend. Sam loves them and I hope our little friend will like them just as much. Who could resist knitted finger puppets? I made them using 90% stash yarn left over from various projects both mine and a friends stash. They were pretty easy to knit up, here is the free pattern for those interested.

There was lots of craftiness going on in the campsite, my friend Krista made this great bag which has inspired me to make one too (but more on that later) and lots of good old fashioned card games being played. Sam was still loving his ball glove and the bug exploration was enjoyed by all. I think we need to find a bug net for our next trip.


MELANIE said...

My favourite picture is definitely you doing yoga at the serene and perfect! Congrats on finishing your finger puppets too! My favourite is the duck :)

Michelle said...

Looks and sounds like a heavenly time! The photos are just beautiful and I love your new banner :-)

the happy sparrow said...

hi there Stacey! i love the photos of your knitting and your camping trip! it sounds like a perfect weekend! I'm loving your photos,
Love Martine