Monday, July 13, 2009

A mountain biking adventure

After having, shall we say, a 'blah' emotional week, this weekend was a blessing. There is nothing better for my body and mind than a weekend away with my loving family and friends and the great outdoors. Our first night, after a lovely afternoon of setting up, swimming and a visit to the local craft markets, we had a night by the campfire laughing, playing guitar and singing. It was exactly what this Mumma needed. We were camped at one of my favourite places in the world, New Denver, B.C. I feel so at peace there and the natural beauty is breathtaking. I had only previously explored the town, the beautifully maintained gardens and the beach, so when Kevin suggested we go on our first family mountain bike ride, I was excited to see more of this amazing place. I wasn't even thinking about the actual ride! It was THRILLING though!!! I was so excited the whole time. I kept thinking "Oh my, look at that", "Wow, look at all the wildflowers", "Look at my 5 year old go up this mountain", "wow, look over there!!!!!!!". The place was full of history being an old railway bed and truly spectacular scenery. Harrison did so well. We took our time (which allowed me to take a billion pictures), walked when he felt unsure, but mainly we just cruised along. About half way up the trail we met up with a raging river where they have a pulley cable car crossing. Harry was getting pretty tired by this stage and Sam was sick of sitting in his seat so we crossed the river and had a look at what was once the rail bridge. The river crossing was pretty fun and scary at the same time. If we had continued on about another half an hour we would have reached the abandoned town of Sandon. Perhaps next year we will be able to venture the whole trail. For now I am just so excited that we were able to get as far as we did and have such a great time.

There will be more posts of our lovely weekend coming soon!!!!


Janine said...

what an awesome weekend - can't wait until we can go on those sort of rides

MELANIE said...

Wow!! Awesome pix! I love your new home page design, too! One of our fave places too :)I am curious...who sang around the fire, besides you? Did my brother let go and show off his pipes??

OzCan Adventures said...

haha Melanie you are so funny and so right!! Kevin did have a fun time and was singing away (I thought Krista was going to wet her pants she was laughing at him so hard!!!). I was playing and singing - Al also played. It was great.