Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh these summer days go by so quickly and so packed full of fun and adventure. I haven't written for awhile so this will be a lengthy update. Hope you enjoy!

:. A new thrifted story book from days past....Harry likes the illustrations

:. Speaking of books....imagine the boys delight when I found a box of books that had not been unpacked from our return. They spent much of last night and this morning pouring over their much loved friends.

:. I attempted my first solo sewing project. I bought a kit for a simple bag and well, it actually looks like a bag. Mum and Cath, you need to know that if it had not been for your wonderful tuition in Australia I would never have got through this project. There is one flaw, if I was going to be picky you know, the handles aren't on correctly BUT they are on and they work great :)

:. I had a day shopping with a friend and it felt great. I rarely spend money on myself and I still find it difficult. However, it was a successful trip with my major purchase being new riding boots. I also managed to get 2 pairs of riding jeans from a thrift store for $2!!! I am looking forward to 'breaking' them in.

:. I also found this wonderful sign that I was unable to walk past. It is in keeping with my theme of late and is a constant reminder to slow down, enjoy the moment and live simply. Some days the simple life feels so natural, so easy. Other days I feel like I am fighting myself. That is when this sign will come in handy. To help remind me it is one step at a time, one day at a time. Change is good and gradual!

:. Our new clothes line is a hit with the boys. I didn't realise that they have not been able to help hang the washing ever! In Australia the line was too high and they were to small. I have a small rack in the laundry downstairs but they have never showed an interest in it. Now every time I head out the back door with the laundry Harry is right by my side. He started slowly with socks (oh brother, he really does over think things!!!) and then informed me he was ready to 'graduate' to pants and things.

:. Board games and dress ups - need I say more!

:. More camping! This time down to the States to Sullivan Lake. We weren't able to camp right on the lake but ended up out at the Mill Pond. We had a lot of fun amidst the rain, hail and stormy weather. We were only able to go to the beach twice in the 4 days but we made our own fun at the campsite. Sam insisted on having his training wheels taken off and of course, later that afternoon he was riding a two wheeler!

Where do you find two mischievous little boys in the drizzling rain? Why the dog cage of course! (Just to clarify, they put themselves there!!!)


MELANIE said...

Awesome entry!!

Congrats on the new riding boots!
LOVE your "Simplify" sign...perfect :)
Also congrats on the clothesline...which reminds me I have a load to get out there!
Love you SIL...keep writing!!!

gardenmama said...

Your banner is so beautiful!
It looks like your days are filled with creativity and fun!