Monday, July 20, 2009

The simple things....

This past week has been about the simple things. I find myself getting so worked up in my working week to get all the things done - the cleaning, the cooking, the yard work etc. This week I decided to just let it go. It is summer after all and such a short season. Soon enough I will be sitting here wishing I could lay on the grass outside as I watch the snow falling. So I have taken each day and opportunity as it comes and it was fantastic.
:. We have been eating almost all our meals outside in our front yard. We have a wonderful, large deck out the back but unfortunately it is smoking hot in the afternoon. I put a little bench on the front porch and it is perfect.
:. Mmmmm...eating as many cherries as possible and marvelling at how master 3 year old manages to puree the cherries against his face and hands!!
:. I have a clothes line after 3 years!!!! It is truly wonderful to be able to hang the clothes outside again. We had been perplexed as to where to put the line in our yard and finally came up with a plan and thankfully it worked. I don't think I have ever seen this style of clothes line in Australia but they are very common here. There is also no bending and stretching as the line is straight off the deck at arm height!

:. With Sam's growing obsession with his roller blades (yes he still uses them everyday and everyday it is a fight to get them off him) we thought Harry might be ready to try again. Last year he just was not interested and I understand that he will not have the obsession that Sam does but Kevin found some skates for him and what do you know, he likes it. Sam being the skilled rider that he is was being kind when they were racing and gave Harry a head start. He still flew past him and yelled "look Harry I do speed limit!!!".....priceless.

:. A trip to Nelson for the day with a lovely friend of ours. Nelson is about an hour from here and a funky little town. For all you Aussies, it is like Byron Bay in the mountains. After lots of shopping, great conversation and an amazing lunch we headed back to Salmo for a swim in the river. We brought home many treasures including a large piece of driftwook that Sam insists is a surf board!

:. We have now entered water restrictions so no more play dates with the sprinkler. However when it was our allotted time to water on the weekend I noticed 2 new plants that I hadn't seen before enjoying the water.

:. I am totally in love with my lavender bushes. They are in full bloom and smelling amazing. I took a little bouquet with me to work on Saturday to remind me of home.

:. I bought a second hand sewing machine last week and I have been itching to try it out. I found some time yesterday and started making a bag which I hope to share with you soon. Once I worked out how to fill the bobbin, it has been going pretty smoothly. I am totally addicted and keep thinking about running downstairs to finish my project. I sure hope the enthusiasm lasts!!

:. Impromptu mountain bike ride late yesterday afternoon. Kevin's parents came with us (just to fill you in they are in their 60's and were game enough to come biking with us. I sure hope I am doing things like that when I am 60. Way to go guys!) After we had dinner at a local pub in Rossland. These are the days I am grateful to be alive. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, great food and a loving family to share it all with.

:. I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning weeding the garden and hanging out with the bees. There is something so magical about methodically pulling weeds to the hum of the bees with the distant sound of children happily playing in the background. Kevin was working away on his own project in the 'shop' too. Happy days.


Michelle said...

Hi Stacey,
It all sounds so wonderful! I keep reminding myself to slow down a bit too...the dishes & laundry will wait, but the beautiful summer & the beautiful children won't :-)

Oh, I just love lavender! With your new sewing skills you can make some sachets for your closets & drawers with dried lavender. Keeps the moths away & everything will smell like summer :-)


OzCan Adventures said...

Great idea. Thanks Michelle. I have always wanted to make those sachets and haven't been able to! I will have to look into that after things start to settle down around here! We start swimming lessons tomorrow for 2 weeks - bring on the chaos!