Friday, August 7, 2009

The mirror

Today I awoke late, and as I lay there trying to wake up with children and our dog climbing all over me, I thought “I feel different”. I looked in the mirror and I look different. I stared at the mirror and this older, contented women was looking back at me. When did that happen? It got me thinking about all the labels people are so happy to place on one another. I thought of all the labels I would have – mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, part cow-girl, part hippie, part domestic diva (still trying to find the other part to this one!!) part environmentalist, part musician, part yogi, and so it goes on. What an eclectic and strange mix I have become.....isn’t that awesome. I find it so freeing to be all these things and so very much more. What a bore it must be to put oneself into a little box when there are so many out there to explore. Harry was asking me if something was cool yesterday and I thought; well only you know that darling. And isn’t this true? Being cool, well who gets to decide what cool is. I think I am pretty cool but the next person may not. I wonder where we all got so obsessed in chasing this phantom ‘cool’ ideal. As I was staring at myself in the mirror, I had such a warm, contented feeling with who I had become in my short 31 years and all the things I had created and accomplished. I really am living some happy days. I hope yours are happy too and when you look in the mirror next, you just might be surprised at the person staring back at you! Take the time to look, to really look. Have a great weekend.


MELANIE said...



This is one of those things that you keep forever and look at over the years when you're neding a boost!

Congrats on getting it out and feeling good about yourself!

Love you and all your "roles," especially that of my SIL. xoxoxo

OzCan Adventures said...

Well thank you my darling SIL and I love you too!

gardenmama said...

how lucky your children are to have a mama who knows herself and is happy with who she sees!

Michelle said...

Big cheers for authentic you!!!

Wonderful advice to those of us who forget to notice our reflections sometimes :-)