Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new yummy dinner

Generally I love cooking. However, I find dinner, especially in the summer time, a hard task. My husband and I could eat salads every night but the kids, whilst really good eaters, tend not to enjoy this as much. So I am always looking for inspiration. We just harvested some lovely but rather large zucchinis from the garden and I wanted to use one for dinner last night. I felt like pasta but I am not able to use tomatoes due to Kevin's summer allergies. I found this recipe for inspiration and it was delicious! As my beautiful sister-in-law, brother-in-law and Arwynn-Darwynn-Sweetheart were also coming for dinner, I also made Papaya Avocado Salad from The Best of the Best and more. Wonderful company, and a great meal.

(Photo from Best of the Best and more page 76)

A few weeks back I found some thrifty good buys and have been looking forward to sharing them with you. One is a little treasure that my friend Amy pointed out to me. To be honest we thought it was a popcorn maker but neither of us had seen one like it before. We asked around and the general consensus was, yes, it might be a popcorn maker. For the $2 they were asking I thought it would be worth the try. Guess what? It is a popcorn maker and almost identical to one my husband had growing up, AND it works brilliantly. We decided to have some for dessert last night after our scrumptious meal. I really didn't have room in my very full and content stomach but once you plant the idea of eating popcorn, really, who can resist!

My other find was a chair for Harry's desk. It was slightly damaged so we got it for free. Now that is my kind of thrifting!! Kevin made the necessary adjustments (a new piece of wood supporting the legs) and hay presto, a great chair for a great kid!

Can you see Buddy in the back ground here, licking his feet? Our poor little dog is starting to show signs of aging. The mountain bike rides that he loves so much, that make him go into a fever of yips and barks and uncontrollable shaking with excitement, are taking their toll. It is the third time now that he has worn the pads off his front feet from exercising too hard. You could say he is a mountain bike ride junky. He has been limping and licking for a couple of days now. I am trying everything to get him to stop licking as I believe all the licking is just making it worse. However he doesn't take kindly to having his feet bandaged. I even trying taping a pair of socks on him. I guess this exercise enthusiast will have to rest and take it easy. Perhaps that was his last ride with his much adored daddy. Poor Buddy.

And quickly before I sign out and get back to the mountain of chores I have to do this morning, I wanted to share my purchase from yesterday. I made it into the fabric store and bought some fat quarters (what a hilarious name!). I have a little project in mind and am so excited about starting. I only hope my beginner skills can get me through. Wish me luck!


j9 said...

hilarious, I have just been to buy some fabric too for a project (although not so small) and am hoping my beginner skills will be enough

MELANIE said...

YUMMY dinner, thanks again!!! Ron REALLY enjoyed it again for lunch yesterday :)I am alsoenjoying the iced tea, thanks!

Poor Buds...I wouldn't want to be there when he gets denied for his next bike ride :(