Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Summer weekend

This week went by in another blur of activity. The boys finished up their swimming lesson block much to their dismay but my relief. They did very well and really enjoyed it, however it was a big drive everyday.
Saturday we were planning on heading out to Kaslo for the Jazz festival but after getting to Nelson (about 1 hour from home) we realised we had forgotten the tickets and we thought the boys would probably prefer to sit at the beach and have a relaxing family day out . So we went to Lakeside Park and lay on the beach, played in the fantastic playground, rode the tram and generally enjoyed the sun filled day. There was even a little restaurant serving burgers and fish and chips. Not normally my first choice for food, especially whilst in Nelson but it was handy and reminiscent of days on an Australian beach.

Today was action packed. Kevin headed out for an early morning mountain bike ride, then off to the farm to do some ground work with Betty and break in those new 'old' jeans and new riding boots!

Then we all went Huckleberry picking. I would like to say I was able to fill my bucket but alas, this clumsy girl dropped her bucket and was only able to rescue about half. Sigh. Still, it was a fun outing and I hope to return soon for more!
What do you do when you realise that your 3 year old has no shoes when your family is about to embark on a berry picking adventure and you are miles from home?? Get creative!! (Paul, I know you are going to love this one!!!) I got some cardboard and some trusty duct tape and made Sam some sandles. As embarrassing as it may be and the fact that they only lasted for maybe 10 minutes, I was pretty impressed with myself!!! Laugh, I know, it is pretty funny. I guess it is from growing up with my dad and brothers always using duct tape to get them out of a jam! I wonder if I play with the design, if they can be better? Hmmmm..........

The beautiful Nancy Green Lake, 20 minutes from Rossland. A lovely way to cool down after a hot afternoon picking wild berries.

Some wild flowers I just had to stop and pick on the way home.

Well, the boys are in bed early after an exhausting weekend and I am enjoying some special mummy time. I do love that I am able to share all the fun and sometimes quirky things we do with you all. I hope your families were able to enjoy the weekend as much as we did.


Krista said...

First of all, I think we need to take the duct tape away from you Chartres..LOL. They might have lasted if you put MORE duct tape around the back of his ankle!!!!

MELANIE said...

Hahahahahaha CLASSIC...duct tape RULES!! Ron will looooove this!

Cutesie boots!!

What a beautiful, back to nature wknd you all had - way to go!

Mel xoxo