Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 years old!

My little baby just turned five.  Wow, does time ever go by quickly.  It feels like just yesterday I was in labour in our lounge room anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second child.  What a joyful experience and a wonderful moment meeting our little man. We celebrated his 5th year with us with a yummy breakfast and presents from family in the morning.  (In true Harry style he made a card for Sam and wrote "To Harry, Happy Birthday, Love Harry"  Harry is reading the card to Sam when they suddenly realised what he had written!!!)

Then the party started with 5 little friends.  Thankfully we had some beautiful Spring weather, so we were able to play games in the front yard.  The party was from 11am - 2pm, about 1 hour too long!!!!  Must remember that for future years!  Fun was had by all and a very exhausted 5 year old fell into bed that night and sleepily asked "How many days until I am 6 Mum?"

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