Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buried treasure?

Look what we found when we were cleaning up some overgrown brush in the back yard.  It seems the family that lived here for years did not believe in the local dump but rather 'dumped' all their unwanted remnants into their back yard!  We found a monster pile of old bricks, old furnaces, old water pipes and the list goes on. 

I must admit though, the bricks kinda got me excited.  We rummaged through the ghastly pile and took out all the usable bricks in hopes of a BBQ or pizza oven in the near future.  Not bad huh?

Now for the back yard itself, it really is a blank canvas.  First things first though, we need a fence to keep in the lovely hounds from visiting the neighbours.  Then there will be a lot of levelling and grass seeds, garden boxes and borders.....grand plans......if only I had a grand budget!!!  We will chip away at it but for now I will dream....

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Catherine said...

Ooh! I love it! Just love picking through other people's rubbish. I got a little warm fuzzy seeing how you made those bricks into a lovely neat pile. Anal! And happy birthday Sam! He is crazy grown-up - has he even lost a tooth???? Get outta town. I bet you can't wait to get started on that garden. I think it's good to take it slow - we rushed in and seriously overplanted! Now it's a scraggly jungle. I remember, living in England, just feeling the sun on my face in spring felt SO GOOD. It was like a craving. Here, I'm always trying to keep my face in the shade. Love to you and Matt's missing Kevin. xxxxx