Monday, April 11, 2011

The first real Spring day just happened to be on a Pro D day from school.  We headed straight for the park and spent hours playing soccer, on the playground and climbing the rocks by the river.  On our return home all the neighbours were out playing in a newly discovered dirt pile.  What better way to spend an afternoon, than digging and making a lovely mess?!

The next day was not as sunny and beautiful but still warm, whilst overcast.  We decided to go for a family hike that turned into a trail blazing exercise.  It was really fun upgrade the trail and trying to find another easier path to our destination.  It was pretty hard going as some parts were particularly steep but the reward at the top of hot dogs and fruit were well worth it.

 Our house is right below Harry's head.  Pretty cool to be able to hike right from your back door, huh?!  We saw lots of deer tracks and evidence that the bears are also waking up and enjoying the warmer weather too.  There was garbage strewn across the hill which Kevin and the boys spent a good hour trying to clean up.  They came down with 3 garbage bags full and still more to be picked up.  The bright side is it was a lovely weekend celebrating, cleaning and enjoying.  What did you do this weekend?

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