Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today was....

* Today's topic of conversation :.
1. "Sam you can't wear Rollerblades hiking darling...."
2. "Sorry sweetie, you can't wear Rollerblades in the bath either..."
3. "Harry I don't know the answer, sometimes it just is".
4. Harry - "Let me tell you a story mummy.....once upon a time....(he didn't come up for air for a very long time!!! I remember there was dragons and magic whistles. Priceless)

* Today's jobs:
1. Make a yummy dinner - Chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, brie and caramelised onion, served with wild rice, more asparagus and carrots. Mmmmm.....
2. Bake egg shells for chickens with the expert help of 3 year old child. I usually crush my egg shells in a plastic bag covered with a towel. The bag is pretty much done when I am finished with the rolling pin. If you have another method please share!

3. Remaining calm through Sam's tantrum. Boy that child is emotional. Stick to my guns, be caring but firm.
4. Attack and conquer the rather large pile of dishes in the sink - tick!
5. Remember how I said Sam wasn't all that interested in drawing. Well apparently he really likes drawing on the table and sheets in the camper! So job #5 was cleaning that up *sigh*
6. Updating my new radio station on Jango - thanks Mel I love it!!
*Family time today
Hiking out along the railway tracks to Beaver Falls. Spending extra time along the way for the boys to pick flowers and take in all the treasures to be found on the way - a scarecrow, a railway nail, sticks and rocks, whistling reeds, a skunk and some deer!

*Me time-
Drinking a glass of wine beside a fresh bouquet of wild flowers and updating my blog. Soon to soak in a warm bath after the kids get out. I would say a lovely day, wouldn't you?!


Michelle said...

What a wonderful, authentic, family day!! I remember taking a lot of very deep breaths when my big guys were 3 years old-- something about that age...

Have a lovely evening with some well-deserved "me-time!"


PS love the photo of the bouquet :-)

gardenmama said...

Absolutely a *lovely* day!!
Your photos are gorgeous and I loved the whole rollerblade conversation! lol so great : )