Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harry's 1st hockey game

So my favourite number is 18 and it is also my birthdate.  When I first met Kevin he wore number 18 on his hockey jersey and of course I assumed it was fate!  Harry came out of the dressing room last week with his first hockey jersey and guess what number he got?!?!?!?!  Yup, lucky number 18. 

He has been doing really well at the practices and did great in his first game on Saturday.  He is trying really hard and I am sure will catch up to the other kids in no time.  So for your benefit Auntie B, I found out some more 'hockey' information (I had to ask 'cause I didn't know either!!!)  Harry is playing in Senior Novice, which is 7-8 year olds.  Most of the kids started in Junior Novice (which Sam will start in next winter) so he is little behind in skating ability and the general understanding of the game.  However he is pretty into it and trying really hard.  There is no hitting or 'checking' until they are older - I think around 11-12 years.  They play in lines with 5 people to a line.  Each line plays for a couple of minutes or so and then a new line comes out.  They rotate or choose where they are going to play - no set positions yet except for the goalies. Boys and girls play togetehr.  That is all I know for now!!  Will keep you updated as the year goes on.  

Wow look at him go out front chasing the puck!!

Hanging out at the net. 

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Michelle said...

That's so awesome! You're officially Canadians now:-)

My boys are anxious to try hockey this year too, but we need to get their skating skills a little more solid first. I think we'll build a little rink out back for them to practice on...