Friday, October 22, 2010

More hockey

Harry and Abby (Harry's cousin) got to play against each other on Sunday for the first time.  Harry was very excited that he found Abby on the ice, twice even!

Sam also started his hockey on Sunday afternoon.  It is called Hotshots.  Basically an introduction to hockey for the little guys.  Sam was super excited.  He woke up Saturday morning jumping around saying "yeah, it's my hockey day today mummy".  Let's just say it didn't end well when I told him he had to wait 1 more sleep!  Sunday morning came though and he sleepily walked out to Kevin and asked "Daddy, is it my hockey day today?"  "I can't wait to get on the ice".  So off he went in his red Calgary Flames shirt, like an eager little beaver.

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Catherine said...

Hey Stace! I am loving your blogging frenzy! It's a bit like that, isn't it? Ohh, so much to say. Hmmm. The boys look super cute and I'm excited to see all the manly things they're up to! Your horse-riding looks like so much fun and good on you for conquering fear!! And the weather looks sooo beautiful - you'll be glad to know it's just lovely here too. The boxes are very sweet and handy. You and Kev look so great in your 80s outfits, hahahah! Love you lots, time's up for me ;0)xxxx