Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We had a lovely time in Kelowna last weekend.  Kevin was there for more schooling and we were there to pick up Mama June!!!!  It was very exciting to pick up my Mum but we had a whole day in Kelowna before she arrived.  Being in a small town, I find going back to the 'city' difficult.....the crowds, the traffic, the energy.  We tried to do a little shopping but it only made all 3 of us miserable.  So we found an amazing local park near the hotel and spent hours there. 

We even found a little friend who decided to come on a hike with us!!

It was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon and the next day was very exciting, but more on that later!


Janine said...

Sounds wonderful and exactly what I am hoping to find and do when we arrive in Austin.

Enjoy your time with your mum.

Michelle said...

Nothing like a peaceful nature walk... especially one with a duck friend joining you:-)

Can't wait to read about the next day!

Catherine said...

Wow, that's a park?? Looks like a beautiful wilderness. Lucky you, you country gal. Have a great time with your Mama! HOw lovely for you. lOve ya lots xxxxx