Monday, January 19, 2009

Crochet hat

Oh my gosh........I did it!!! I finished my hat!!! It is not exactly like it is supposed to be, but lets not get picky people.........I was able to crochet something!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thinking I might try it again and see if I can get it like the picture. Or maybe not! If anyone is interested the free pattern came from here at - awesome site.

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday. Mama June took the boys into the back garden and ran them silly. They were doing laps of the house, playing in the sandpit building volcanoes and playing in the hose....good quality fun. I could hear the squeals of delight from the kitchen window and I couldn't help laughing myself. It really was a joyful experience. And guess what? Master Sam, the child who won't eat anything, especially not without a Master performance, ate his entire meal AND QUIETLY!!!!!!!!! You know what will be happening this afternoon again, don't you?!

Speaking of dinner, we had a massive plate of salad topped off with marinated chicken and calamari. It was so nice, I thought I would share with you!! The boys had a salad plate as well, carrot sticks, capsicum (red pepper), tomatoes, almonds, pepitas, and chicken skewers. Great finger food after a great afternoon!


MELANIE said...

YUM!!!!!!! Look at those beautiful, exhilarated smiles on the boys...awesome!! We miss you!ps...good onya, Mama June!

MELANIE said...

The hat looks great, Stace!! Wow!