Thursday, January 15, 2009


Harrison and I were able to share a wonderful hour together yesterday while Master Sam and Daddy had an afternoon nap. We went to town and bought some very funky dinosaur material to make the boys some library bags. Harry needs one for the start of prep next week and well, Sam will need one for our weekly library visit. All I need now is to start sewing....oh yeah...and learn how to sew!! Should be a breeze.....right?!?!?

Then Harry and I headed to the many downtown thrift stores. I was pulled to the material and crafting section and Harry, straight to the books! He found a lovely adult book on fishes and aquariums. He was delighted by all the pictures of the fish and was so excited when he proudly carried the book from the store. He patiently read as I wandered through all the little treasures these stores can hold. I found some material to practice sewing on, a funky apron and a nice scarfe. I also got some old decorating magazines as I would like to start looking at how to renovate our house when we get back to Canada. All in all, it was a lovely, relaxing hour. It always brings me such pleasure when Harry finds a book he loves, especially a pre-loved book. I remember being a 'difficult' child and not even wanting to enter a thrift store when I was his age (I didn't like the smell!!!).

I will keep you posted on the library bags....fingers crossed it all goes well!

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MELANIE said...

Cool finds!! They are both so you!