Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend update

Saturday was a busy day for us visiting family and friends. In the morning we caught up with my two best friends from Mt Samson Primary School, Emma and Jodie. It is so wonderful that after all these years, we are still close and still share a special bond. Even though we walk in different circles and live in different places, we still are the same 3 friends of years past.

In the afternoon we tried to escape the gastly humidity with a swim in Dads pool. My brother and the kids had the same idea, turning the afternoon into nice family time.
Kevin and I were able to spend Sunday night together in celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary (2 days early I know but you have to take the baby sitting opportunites when they arrise!) We had a lovely evening starting with 10 pin bowling and then a movie. All in all, a great way to spend the night with the man I love and to take time out to appreciate the past 8 years and to look forward to many more wonderful years to come.
Today, of course, is Australia Day. We were invited to my big brother Paul's annual Australia Day Bash. He had it on his back dam and did it in true Aussie style. There was snags on the BBQ for the kids, a half a rack of lamb roasting on the spit and salads galore. The kids, both big and small, were enjoying the boat and water. Kevin was a little grossed out by the dam water, but that is how us country kids went swimming! No crystal clear, galcier fed water to be seen!!!!

A great day. Happy Australia Day!

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MELANIE said...

What are snags? Who is holding Sam in that pic? Who is the big little girl in the boat with Mel? Any leeches sucking away on anyone's legs? We heard it was SIXTY degrees in Oz...musta been in the desert?? Someone saw pics of bent railway tracks!!!